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contact us. We will get back to you shortly.

Is Gesture Cube for sale? (or distribution)

Gesture Cube is still in a concept stage. We have not yet taken further steps into production, which means that Gesture Cube is currently not available for sale. 
The underlying gesture technology however is fully developed and offered as an easy to use 3D Tracking and Gesture Controller. For more details please visit
Based on the great feedback we received from all of you world-wide, we will continue developing new products with gesture control as well as think about next steps for Gesture Cube.

Is technical information available, e.g. capabilities of GestIC®, etc.?

For more details on Microchip’s patented GestIC® technology please visit

I am from the press, who should I talk to?

Depending on your questions and your audience, one person from the Gesture Cube Team will get in touch with you shortly to make sure all your questions will be answered. To make sure this works well, please be as specific as possible about the content you need. 

I am interested in design support (industrial design, user interaction design, interface design)

Please contact directly the Gesture Cube design partners zinosign (, LUNAR Europe GmbH (

I am in manufacturing and look for business opportunities, who should I talk to?

Gesture Cube is still in concept stage, we have not yet taken further steps towards its production.
While we are currently thinking about these next steps, we are also open for interesting partners cooperating on Gesture Cube, or similar upcoming projects. The underlying GestIC® technology is available as an easy to use 3D Tracking and Gesture Controller from Microchip. Please visit for more details.